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Own a Game-Store, Bar or Café?

As the social center in their communities, game-stores, bars and cafés are critical to the activity and growth of the gaming culture around them. Which is why we tested the PlayPals idea and the App’s first version with a few game-store owners in Vancouver from the very start.

This early testing enabled us to not only learn more about the needs of the many types of Tabletop players that frequent the stores, but those of the store owners themselves.
Needs like:

  • Simple targeted marketing for your location and games.
  • More sales.
  • Easy event creation.
  • More local players to play in-store.
  • Realtime metrics & maps on your local market.
  • New channels to convert occasional players to active ones.
  • Getting better quota and promotional material from game companies.
  • Providing your customers with a better shopping and game learning experience from real-world players, compared to anything they can find online.

So if you have a game-store, bar or café, you can download the PlayPals app right now as free marketing for your location and as a great opportunity to build up your local community.
And all you have to do is to create a few game events that people in your area can see on the map.

Notes for creating a game-event in the ‘Create’ page:

  • Create the same game-events you have in your store, or add a few others, as you see fit.
  • Feel free to create up to 3 game-events per day. Use your open tables.
  • For each week, create at least 2-3 game-events, on different days/hours (as it would present people from your area with more opportunities to discover and join your events).
  • You can create a game-event anytime in the following two weeks, but users can only see games one week ahead on the Map and List page.
  • Please upload a photo of a person to your user profile, not a logo of your store, as it’s best to show faces that people can relate to. Any store info can be added to the Description box.
  • If you don’t see the name of a specific game in the game picker, just use the ‘Other’ option at the bottom of the list and elaborate on the specifics of that game in the Description box. The ‘Other’ option will present the generic Game Category Icon on the map and List pages.
  • You might want to add any other important info about your store or your game-event in the Description box, such as:
    1. No need to wait for approval, just come on in. [enter address]
    2. List of games they can play/learn.
    3. This game-event is for beginners/advanced players.
    4. Hours of operation.
  • Check the message box at the bottom of the event page to allow potential players to contact you with any questions they might have.
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