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The Origin Story – by Arik

It all started a few years ago when I emigrated from Israel to Canada.
As a new resident in Vancouver, I found a new and beautiful place to live and work in, but I also discovered that contrary to my expectations, it wasn’t easy making new friends and building my social circles.

Being active in many meetups and meetings for my consultation work definitely helped, and I got to know some good people and to make a few friends, but there was still something missing. I wasn’t looking for another date, meetup or music event, but for something different where I could actually get to know the people I was with.

My social quest continued like that for a few years, that is, until I was invited to join a board game night by a local friend who knew I used to play back in the day.

After a few months of good games and many more good people to roll dice with or rob resources from, it became apparent that I had found what I was looking for: a simple excuse to meet local people in a fun environment for a few hours.

But I also found out that there was no simple way to find those local games or people, and talking to my new playpals only confirmed it, there was no mobile app or web platform to do this one simple thing.

I played with the idea of creating such an app for a few months, and when I was ready, I presented it to Guy, an old friend and an experienced online entrepreneur from Israel.

Guy listened to it all, realized why such an app could be useful in his own life, and immediately started to breakdown the necessary Development & Marketing steps for the next 6 months (as he often does 🙂 )

It was obvious in that very moment, that this is something that needs to be done. So we decided to dial back on our client work, to sacrifice some personal time, and to invest the needed funds in developing a beta version of PlayPals as a proof of concept.

6 Months later, after many long days, nights and weekends of brainstorming, outlining, defining features & functionality, designing the UI and UX, and working from 2 time zones with our app development team in the Ukraine – and here we are: with the app in the stores and the PlayPals’ team ready & willing to take it to the next level.

Interested in knowing more about us?

To read more about our current professional lives, or our combined 36 years of skills & experience in online marketing, product development and all things startup, you can read all about it in our LinkedIn profiles:

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